"Mind the gap" means "Attention to the vain."

It is a call that is heard at the train and subway stations to alert passengers to be careful leaving the train and stepping on the platform.

Between the train door and the platform there is a gap that can cause an accident if any passengers step on it.



This annual workshop is aimed at regulatory affairs analysts.

No fee is charged but, because of the restriction of space, it is usually limited to 25 participants.

It proposes to be a great exchange of experiences on the issues, documents and regulatory practices with the greatest impact in the approvals of the registration and post-registration dossiers of medicines by ANVISA.

1st WORKSHOP - May 2017

2nd WORKSHOP - October 2018

1st WORKSHOP - May 2017


WT Morumbi 

Av. das Nações Unidas, 14261 - Block A

7th floor - São Paulo / SP


(+55 11) 99420-1726 / (+55 11) 99483-0623

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